Monday, 11 April 2011

IGGY POP: American Idol

You know there are times when I  can just let some things slide. Like when Billy Murray made Garfield The Movie, I figured 'its fine Bill' you were amazing in Caddyshack. Then there were all those times I would save my bacon till the very last, only to have my sister steal it straight off my plate. That was fine she was still a great sister and I could move on. There is that old proverb 'once bitten - twice shy' and such is the case with my old mentor Iggy Pop. Iggy, I let it slide when I turned on the TV only to find you pimping out a series of car insurance adverts with a mini puppet of yourself. That was pretty low but still you made Fun House and The Idiot. I still loved you- ONCE BITTEN. Then I saw this video clip of you on American Idol. TWICE SHY.

Steak & Fries

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