Tuesday, 24 May 2011


People say the 80's were a time when anything was possible. Seriously, is this not the best thing you have ever seen in your life. There was a time spanning a few years in the mid 80's where Grace Jones dated recent chemical engineer graduate Dolph Lungdren. They apparently met while Dolph studied at the University Of Sydney and Grace was on tour. Grace convinced Dolph to move to New York and become a model .  Grace was almost at her peak of, well, just about everything and while working as an actor on the James Bond film 'A View To Kill' convinced the director to cast Dolph in a minor role. And thus began the illustrious career of the actor Dolph Lungdren and powerhouse couple of Grace & Dolph. New York wasn't big enough for the two of them and the couple later split. Speaking from experience sometimes crazy just can't match smart, those arguments are never going to end well. Dolph is a walking oxymoron himself yet alone throwing Grace in to the mix. A pop star, model, actor, actress, chemical engineer, fashion icon couple -  there was just never enough time in the day to keep the relationship going. Hell - even Gwyneth Paltrow had to give up acing so her and Chris Martin could keep a family. Well at least I wish she stopped acting, come to think of it I wish Chris Martin gave up singing too.

Steak & Fries

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