Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Even though the Royal Wedding has come and gone let's not forget that even though it works out in the beginning some people clutch at straws and the relationship lasts far beyond its use by date. Whitney was the golden child of 80's R&B, coincidently enough she also went out with Eddie Murphy in the 80's who was actually in The Golden Child. Bobby Brown on the other hand was the 'Bad Boy' of R&B and was formally in the boy band New Edition which he left in 1985. The stupid thing about going out with Bad Boys is that IT NEVER WORKS OUT. Hell it didn't even work for George in Seinfeld, it always ends badly. 1992 was the year that Whitney was in The Bodyguard, it was also the year she married Bobby Brown, talk about highs and lows. In this case Bobby turned Whitney on to 'the rock' and apparently she spent days on end in her bedroom getting high on crack! Bobby ended up in court for driving under the influence and not appearing in court and after the divorce they ended up in court again as Whitney refused for the kids to see Bobby. I'm kind of on her side with that one. The couple divorced in 2006, after numerous allegations and photo evidence Whitney still claims 'Crack is whack'In my book a 14 year marriage to Bobby Brown is also considered whack.

Steak & Fries

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